Brand Identity — Pacific Calm

The Brief
The full name of the company is called Pacific Calm Health Club and Spa. They are a lifestyle gym that offers both traditional gym services, but also offers yoga classes and has a full service spa.
The target audience is mostly women with a focus on making them stronger, yet less stressed, calm and ready to conquer life. They are both a gym and a spa and their main emphasis on reducing stress. Their tagline, which they'd like to have included in at least one version of the logo, is: Love Yourself Healthy.
The client would like to see a version of the logo with it and a version without it so they can use it in many different scenarios. They want something simple as well. Nothing that's too complex.
They plan on offering a spa shop that would have the logo or logo mark on them, and they prefer to have a logo that contains a symbol or just the logo mark of some sort that can stand alone on products if need be.
After reading the client brief, I began to do a mixture of jotting down ideas and pulling images to build a moodboard. This helped me become more focused on specific things and mold ideas from the abstract into something more sensible. I played around with the idea of waves, the ocean and water droplets, sunrise and sunset, yoga, and the female figure.
For the color palette, I wanted to venture away from blues and greens. These are calming colors that are often associated with spas, meditation and all of these things that Pacific Calm purports to offer as services and experiences.
For the typeface, I was looking for two different and complimentary fonts. I wanted the fonts to be able to stand on their own without the icon. Again, here, I wanted to explore the duality that Pacific Calm, as a company through their services, also navigates.
Pacific Calms shares their message of pulling the strength out of women. I explored the idea of using very iconic ocean themes; however, the name of the company and the location of the business already say a lot about the Pacific coast and ocean. So, to connect more directly with the targeted consumer, I decided to use the outline of a female figure and I chose a position of strength. 
To help enhance the icon, I wanted to mirror the depth, as well as the lightness, that Pacific Calms offers. Here, a gradient was used to convey the wide spectrum between complex strength and raw vulnerability.
I paired a serif typeface with a script typeface give a sense of steadfastness and regality of the pacific ocean as well as the wildness and freedom of individual movement. Further, I feel these descriptors can be interchangeable with each subject.
These logomarks are very versatile and will translate well onto different applications of brand collateral.
This was a personal project.
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