Brand Strategy, Brand Identity — The Conciliation Lab

I sat down with the team and extensively discussed their goals, target audience, positioning, customer journey, competitive analysis, brand attributes, and developed a timeline for the entire project. This company is the product-in-process of two seemingly unlikely partners: a scrappy, innovative, and young theatre company focused on producing new and experimental works, and a long-standing, rooted, and loosely structured theatre company focused on the process of undoing racism.
After many discussions, we decided to create a brand that melds the wisdom and maturity of The Conciliation Project with the youth and vibrancy of TheatreLAB. Further, we decided to position the brand as a thought leader that appeals to, and supports, people who are impelled to not only learn about the work of TCL, but take the next step and incorporate it into their own lives.
For the brand identity, I wanted to highlight the vibrancy and legacy of the company by using the Sankofa bird as the icon and taking it in a direction that's not usually seen: sharp lines and angular corners. “Sankofa” is a word in the Akan Twi and Fante languages of Ghana meaning to “go back and get it” and the bird is the icon associated with it. 
The bright pop of colors, lines and angles allow the image to stand out from the sea of red and purple found amongst the competition in the surrounding area; and convey a feeling of strength, steadfastness, and innovation. 
The bold, simple and clean styling to the logo design offers a flexible logo and brand assets. I helped the team explain this company-wide through stationary and various promotional item mockups like t-shirts, pins, and stamps.
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