Brand Strategy — Dr. Ram Bhagat

We began with a simple questionnaire and conversation to gain more clarity on what it was the client wanted to achieve. The client is an educator and founder of the organization, Drums No Guns; and they have been active for many years. The client wanted to use his personage and network to eventually raise awareness around his foundation.
Our next step was the Discovery session. We explored different aspects of the client’s business/personal brand to uncover insights that would help me come up with the strategy to execute the deliverables. I use a framework whereby we define the brand, understand users, clarify the message, and prioritize marketing efforts.
Finally, we used these insights to craft and support a digital media strategy. Our three communication objectives are:

• Raising awareness
• Raising funds
• Recruiting volunteers

It's always important to stay relevant; but with the shift in the world, it's even more imperative to pivot and adjust. Using the branding discoveries as a north star, Dr. Ram Bhagat shifts towards increased digital marketing and communication. 
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