Get To Know A Bit About Me

Hi, I'm Ashley Maurisa!
At the intersection of creativity, strategy, and social consciousness, I have found my passion and mission. As a Branding Strategist and Graphic Designer with three years of experience, I've had the privilege of merging my professional skills with my personal dedication to social justice. Working extensively with nonprofits that utilize art and activism to combat social injustices, I've harnessed my design and branding skills to create compelling narratives that ignite change.
My experience is not limited to the nonprofit sector. I have also collaborated with a diverse range of independent artists, helping them to conceptualize, refine, and communicate their unique brands to their target audiences. In each project, my goal is to unearth the authentic story that lies at the heart of each craft and help it to resonate with the intended audience.
A firm believer in the power of ideas and the potential they hold, my work is guided by the principle of BLOOMTHINK, a concept that emphasizes growth, transformation, and the blossoming of ideas into sustainable realities. This concept not only inspires my professional pursuits but also aligns with my personal philosophy that art, communication, and a well-defined brand have the power to impact societies and influence narratives.
I am more than just a strategist and designer. I am an advocate, a storyteller, and a partner in the journey of shaping perceptions. At the end of the day, it's not just about crafting visually striking designs or well-planned strategies, it's about fostering connections, inspiring change, and leaving an impact that extends beyond the confines of a canvas or a digital screen.
My Process
First, we kick this fantastic journey off with a short, but sweet, conversation about you, your business, and your needs.
Then, we move to the Discovery Session. Although we're still keeping things pretty high level here, we're digging just a tad deeper to uncover insights into:

• Your audience(s) and the journey they take when interacting with your brand;
• Your brand's voice, culture and community, x-factor, what impact do you have on your audience;
• How you stack up to direct and indirect competition, who do you aspire to be like and who inspires you to get there; and, most importantly, how you can pick up where they may be slacking;
• And so much more. 

I will facilitate this step of the process using different exercises to discover all of the great things that will set your brand up for success!
Next, I hunker down and compile all of the gold we dug up. I interpret what I heard you say, sprinkle my brand strategy magic on top, wrap it in a bow, and present to you a strategy slide deck of epic proportions! 
A Bit About Me
I have always been in love with the artful ways to share a story! I continue to train my eye and tune my ear to get to the heart of a story; and, although I am a CERTIFIED creative (literally, I have a BFA in Theatre Performance), I also have an analytical mind (shout out to my MBA). 
Brand strategy and design are the PERFECT fit for me! 
I am now using my varied talents and skills to deliver exceptional branding solutions to individuals and small startups and businesses.
My experience
Communications Specialist


Creative Strategist
You should go check out the rest of that quote. It's pretty dope!  
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